Every part inside a vehicle has to work properly in order for it to run safely. Some parts may last the entire life of a car, but that same part could wear down faster even in a similar make and model. Fuel pump troubles aren't a given, but they happen. Be aware of the signs of fuel pump issues, or you may find yourself stuck by the roadside.

The fuel pump moves gasoline from the tank to the engine. When the pump fails to work the right way, you may lose power when driving under stressful conditions. Going uphill is a perfect example of something that causes engine stress. Stress isn't a necessity for problems, though. If you hear sputtering when hitting high speeds, that might be the fuel pump going on you.

Poor gas mileage and engine stalling may happen when the fuel pump suffers. Don't dismiss these troubles as minor.

Get your fuel pump checked at Freeway Honda in Santa Ana, CA. Our service department awaits your call.

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