When you are shopping for a midsize pickup truck, you want to get a vehicle that looks tough and modern. The designers at Honda worked hard to ensure the Honda Ridgeline had the correct balance of these two features.

Some of the features that add to the aggressive look of the Honda Ridgeline are the LED lights that can be found up front and in the rear. Not only do the LEDs look great, but they also increase your visibility when you are behind the wheel. Another rugged feature of the Honda Ridgeline is the layered Bedliner that helps to protect the bed from scratches and dents. This feature provides the perfect blend of form and function to the rugged design of the Honda Ridgeline.

Our team at Freeway Honda can work with you and show you all of the other rugged features found on the Honda Ridgeline. We think you will enjoy taking the Honda Ridgeline on a test drive, as it has great handling that matches its rugged design.

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