Freeway Honda: Where Selling Your Car is Made Easy

Visit our local Costa Mesa area dealership today to learn more about selling or trading your car at Freeway Honda.

Sell Your Car at Freeway Honda Near Santa Ana, CA

Freeway Honda is ready to buy your car. And while the process at a dealership might seem foreboding, it's anything but at Freeway Honda. From the comfort of home in Costa Mesa, you may establish an appraisal of your car to sell outright or trade. This is as simple as completing an online, car appraisal form.

What Do I Need When Selling, Trading In My Car at Freeway Honda?

Should you have decided to use that True Market Value to sell or trade, you'll need to bring a few items with you. Ensure the following are readily accessible:

  • Your valid driver's license, registration and insurance card will smooth any transaction or trade transitioning.
  • All keys and remote FOBs should be collected and provided.
  • Spare tire and related tools, as well as vehicle manuals need to be accounted for.

With your appointment made to relinquish your car at Freeway Honda and the above intact, our professionals will finalize arrangements - be they selling or trading.

Why Should I Sell My Car at Freeway Honda?

It may prove tedious endeavoring to sell your car privately.

To begin, you'll never know who might answer your ad. It's been said a best practice when selling your car privately is to meet with an interested party in a public space and not at your Orange County home. This alone provides enough reason to sell your car to Freeway Honda.

The following, additional reasons round out the other benefits of selling your car at Freeway Honda:

  • There's never any haggling when selling your car to Freeway Honda. And when you establish the estimated value of your vehicle online, you'll have a range of what you may expect to earn.
  • Or, should you decide to trade your car, this estimated vehicle value provides leverage. The more worth that's applied to your trade, the more reduced an asking price is secured.
  • Either way, it's a "seller's market" in Santa Ana. Given issues with semiconductor chip shortages, new vehicle production across the industry has been hampered. Therefore, more value is placed on your vehicle to sell or trade at Freeway Honda.

How Can I Appraise My Car via Freeway Honda?

When desiring to appraise your car -- whether to sell outright or trade - there's an online tool to use at leisure.

In partnering with Edmunds, the True Market Value® (TMV) portal asks for simple, pertinent details as to the vehicle you wish to trade or sell. By completing several steps, you'll then be treated to the market value of your car in seconds.

Here's what to expect from the portal, and those details asked:

  1. Dropdown menus will ask for those basic details of your car in terms of production year, make, model and trim level. This will illuminate the green "Get Started" button to tap.
  2. The following page features drop-down menus for drivetrain, current condition and accrued mileage. Once chosen, tap the "Next" button to continue.
  3. On the next page, you'll be asked to supply contact information for the emailing of your car appraisal. With this step completed, tap the "Get Your TMV Report."
  4. Following is the current pricing of your vehicle, dependent upon conditions of rough, average, clean and outstanding. Each bar on the graph shown illustrates the value respective of condition.
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